Because of the unique typography of Famighetti Vineyards, we're able to cultivate four distinct varietals -- Zinfandel, Grenache, Syrah and Viognier.  After all, with such a unique microclimate it would seem a shame to limit the possibilites.


Our largest varietal.  Dry Creek Valley is known for being one of the best places on earth to grow this grape.  I was first introduced to Zinfandel by my Uncle Tom Maple who with his wife Tina, cultivate 26 acres of prime bench top land in Dry Creek.  Tom's passion for zin rubbed off me and inspired me to not only enjoy drinking fine zinfandel wines, but to pursue growing this grape.  Our vines are planted on the steep slopes of a canyon high in the hills, providing a natural amphitheater that collects sunlight throughout the day.

The Rhone Varietals


One of the major grape varietals of the Rhone Valley.   It ripens late, so it needs hot, dry conditions such as those found in Sonoma, and more specifically, here at Famighetti Vineyards.  It is generally spicy, berry-flavored and soft on the palate and produces wine with a relatively high alcohol content.  Grenache is the dominant variety in most Southern Rhône wines, especially in Châteauneuf-du-Pape where it is typically over 80% of the blend. 



Elsa looking over the syrah.

Elsa looking over the syrah.

Syrah is the other major red grape varietal from the Rhone Valley.  (Also known as Shiraz in Australia.)  It produces a spicy, robust red wine and is perfect for California's sunny and warm weather.  The syrah grapes at Famighetti Vineyards have been generating award winning wines since 2003.



Viognier Grape Clusters.jpg

Viognier is a white wine grape from the Rhone Valley.  It thrives in the warmer, sunny climates, perfect for the weather conditions in Dry Creek.  It has a distinctive floral bouquet and is not as full-bodied as chardonnay, but not as light as sauvignon blanc.  At Famighetti Vineyards, it grows in two separate blocks at lower elevation, providing the perfect balance of temperature and sunlight.


At Famighetti Vineyards, we support the goals of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program through our commitment to our environment, our community and to the pursuit of high quality grapes.