The Famighetti Kitchen

Nothing complements a good wine and "sets the table" for a celebration of life's moments like sharing a good meal.  Here are a few of our favorites.  Simple to prepare and wonderful to share. Make a moment of your own!  It's easy.

San Marzano Sauce Photo.jpg

Dad’s San Marzano Tomato Sauce

This is THE BEST tomato sauce.  If you can get your hands on some Famighetti red wine, substitute that for the cooking wine

Tony and Rose Wedding.jpg

pasta e fagiole

The classic pasta with beans!  This recipe was a favorite of great-grandpa Louis Verrone (above) who often prepared it himself.  We knew it as Pasta Fazool!  Easy to prepare in advance so you can spend more time with your guests than in the kitchen.  

clam sauce.jpg


My father Dennis Farmer could make this in his sleep.  One of our favorites as kids and adults; even non-seafood lovers.  No Farmer family get-together goes by without this one.

Maggie's Chili

This has become a classic recipe of daughter Maggie Farmer that is made almost every time the family is together. Another "prepare in advance" dish where you can switch up the ingredients to make the recipe your own. It is simple and quick and the recipe can easily be doubled (if you have a big enough crock pot) to serve more people. We have yet to find someone who does not love it! Enjoy!