A new arrival at Famighetti Vineyards

Since our arrival last August, we have had a lot of discussions about how nice it would be to have a dog around.  This turned into lots of online searching and eventually lead to a visit to the Countryside Rescue shelter in Santa Rosa, CA.  Sheila had seen a cute dog that needed a home online, so we went to see the dog one afternoon.  Upon arriving, we learned that the dog had been adopted hours earlier.  While we were standing there listening to the story, I spotted a dog across the yard behind the fence and our eyes met.  The rest is history.  Before I knew it Sheila had put down a deposit, and we were new dog parents.  We named her Elsa.  As far as the shelter knew, she was part German Shepherd and part Labrador Retriever.    She has already earned her keep chasing wild turkeys and other animals out of the vineyards.   Elsa is now one year old and bringing lots of joy and companionship to the family.  She loves being in the vineyard with me!  Her curiosity has gotten her "skunked" twice now.  Despite not learning from her mistake, she has become a true member of the family.