We Did It!

Box Culvert Glamor Shot.jpg

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our good friends Jeff and Kelly Lavers at the vineyard.  This time they were accompanied by their good friends Jeff and Julie Stanley who have now been introduced to Famighetti Vineyards.  Jeff and Jeff were committed to using some of their time to do some real WORK on the property as part of their wine country experience.  I had the perfect project.  We needed to better divert rainwater off the gravel road leading down to the guesthouse/barn.  This had become more important as we have had a very wet and rainy "winter" here this season.  I had the supplies delivered and tools in place and they brought their labor and ingenuity.  In two days we had built and installed 3 "open-top" or box culverts across the road.  See photo.  It was backbreaking work.  Not only did I appreciate the help, but it was very satisfying to have completed such a project and seen the results while relaxing and enjoying a post project glass of red wine or two!  I want to thank Jeff and Jeff for the professional job, collaboration and companionship in completing the project, ... and a very special weekend!  Next - we build a lake to hold all the rainwater!