2017 Harvest in Review

The 2017 harvest is in!  We successfully completed our 3rd harvest here at Famighetti Vineyards with almost the exact total tonnage as 2016, but this year we had less Zinfandel and Syrah and more Grenache and Viognier.  It was a year that began with huge rains.  This season we received almost 50" more rain than the 2016 season.  That was followed by one of the warmest summers in Sonoma County.  We had several days that exceeded 118 degrees F this summer.  All told, we were happy to get all the fruit off the vines by September 15th, about one week earlier than we finished in 2016.  The fruit this year was mighty tasty and showed some great characteristics.  We will finish the season with a round of fertilization to replace some of the key components to the soil and then put the vines to bed for another year.