Our First 91 Point Adobe Road Famighetti Vineyard Wine!

AR Fam Zin 2015 WS Rating.JPG

I learned today from the winemaker at Adobe Road, that the 2015 Famighetti Vineyard Zinfandel received a 91 point rating from Wine Spectator.   This was great news.   The 2015 harvest was our first.  It was the last year of a 5 year drought in Northern California.  The temporary winemaker that year had us drop a significant amount of fruit.  Then, we dealt with the dry weather and heat just before harvest.  That year we had 15 days over 100 degrees F and another 4 days above 105 F.  A good percentage of the grapes were at the very early stages of shriveling when we picked them on September 4th and 5th.   Although yields were down, I thought this might make an excellent wine.   It seems to be the case!  I have had 4 bottles already and it is very good!  Anyone interested in acquiring some of this wine can order some from the winery by clicking the button below.